Monday and Tuesday in Anda

Mike Blogging again. Tammy has a lot of catching up to do with Chris's school and is trying to get us already to move as well as do a ton of washing (by hand).
Monday morning dawned bright and sunny as do most days there. We got to watch the kindergartners coming to school and meet their teacher. They are a cute bunch of kids! Then we went into town to breakfast at a great bakery/cafe - a huge mug of fresh cafe con leche cost about a US quarter! So, fully caffeinated we went to a meeting with the folks from Kawsay. We talked about health care in the area (there is a great German Mission hospital close in Abancay), transportation, office and working conditions, and in order to be sure we are making an informed decision about living at Munay Wasi, we discussed various other possibilities. Most of them ended up being considerably expensive - Andahuaylas is a landlocked valley, so land is high and rent is costly. We had lunch together and then Tammy, Chris and I went to a park and had some ice cream. That night, we went to Cayo Vargas church where I preached - again translated into Quechua from Spanish.
Tuesday, we went with Martin to check out 2 apartments that were for rent by Christians and had reasonable prices - only about 4-5 times higher than the rent at Munay! Tammy will be putting these picturs on soon as well. They were nice, but much smaller and in the center of town - comparatively noisy and dirty to Munay (although nicer than Lima!) Then we met a friend from Lima who has moved to Andahuylas and spent some time her and her family, bought some fresh Cheese and Bread and went home to Munay.
God bless,

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