looong bus trip!

Tammy, Chris & I are going to Andahuaylas for several days. We will be leaving on a 15-16 hour bus trip to the City of Abancay, where we will have to wait at the terminal for about 6 hours. Then we board the smaller, older, crowded, less comfortable bus and take the 5 hour (this time all on ridge top dirt roads - good and bumpy! - conversation is almost impossible =O).
While there we have several things to accomplish - we have to check out the housing, determine what we need to bring with us and what to have shipped (and how) and what to leave here or sell, meet with the Kawsay folks to plan the move and discuss living arrangements, price the stuff that we will need to buy (the Peruvian bare minimum), Tammy has to see how to all the hand laundry and drying at the altitude (it is different - I don't know why), We need to make sure that Chris has no problems being in high altitude for a longer period of time, and I need to show Tammy and Chris all around the area, etc., etc.
Please pray for our safety and protection during the the trip. The trip - while fun to talk about afterward - is arduous (and a surefire backache!) and if you have ever seen the dirt roads crawling along the Andes, you know that it is dangerous. And please pray that we accomplish all that we need to so that the move next month goes as smoothly as possible. Also, Colin will be staying here in San Bartolo by himself, pray for his safety and protection from danger and fear.
God bless,

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