Encounters on the way

We had a great trip to Andahuaylas. Our internet was super slow there (we will have to fix that) so we will be posting it on a more or less one week delay basis :)
We really could see God at work on the trip up to Andahuaylas (we are back safely now), starting with when we left the house Thursday. We had several really interesting encounters along the way.
Encounter #1
We started out walking to the "downtown" of San Bartolo to catch a bus to Lurin, where we can usually get a taxi. A taxi pulled up and shouted "Lima! Lima!" We negotiated a price to go to the bus terminal, and set off. The driver turned out to be a neighbor of ours who had been recently given a Bible, by another passenger, an evangelical pastor from the US. This man had talked to Vittorio (the driver) and Vittorio told him he didn't know much about the Bible, because he had never had one. The pastor went to a Christian book store with Vittorio. Vittorio was looking at the cheap small Bibles, but the man bought him a study bible worth 240 soles. Then the pastor left. Instantly Vittorio was tempted to return the Bible and get the 240 soles. But he felt that if God wanted him to have a Bible, then there must be a reason for it, so he kept the Bible. When he found out that Mike is a Bible teacher, he asked him to meet with him to explain the Bible until we leave San Bartolo.
Encounter #2
We traveled all afternoon and night and arrived at the city of Abancay (alt. 7,900 ft. or 2400 meters.) We had breakfast and stopped in a drugstore for some ibuprofen. A man, seeing us, said "Hello, my friends, do you speak English?" with a very good American accent. He turned out to be the director of a school for heavy equipment operators and mechanics, who had lived in the US for fifteen years. He is also was a Christian and delighted to hear about the work we will be doing in Andahuaylas. He has also been dying for barbecue sauce, and so wants to come and visit us so he can learn how to make it.
Encounter #3
The bus to Andahuaylas from Abancay takes a dirt road through the mountains--a five hour trip. About halfway there a Peruvian medical doctor got up to preach "to shorten the trip." He was preaching without mentioning the gospel, mainly speaking of prophecy, and inviting participation from the passengers. Mike asked him to read several passages from Romans, and they wound up presenting the Gospel together, with several passengers accepting.
We arrived at Andahuaylas tired, but encouraged, and enjoyed some great pizza at Martin's pizzeria, at his invitation.

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