More answers to prayer!

Things God has done.
Chris had a great birthday and made a wise choice of which friends to celebrate with.
Bill Rowley arrived safely (although two days late because of the snowstorm) and got home safely. He was really encouraged by the possibilities of web conferences and radio outreach.
Cayo Cardenas received a much needed computer. He has been making a Bible dictionary and a one year devotional (in Quechua) writing with pen and paper, but wasn't making much progress.
We received pledges that will make our trip to Cuzco for medical tests possible.
We had been wondering why we hadn´t heard from the IEP on the convenio, and we found out that they had lost the papers and we were able to send new ones to Lima with Bill.
Mike's father, Dick Riggs, had had surgery for an intestinal problem and was very discouraged. He is feeling better spiritually and emotionally now, and seems to be healing physically.

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