In Cuzco

It was time for a checkup in Cuzco. There`s no cardiologist in Andahuaylas so we have to go to Cuzco, 10 hours away on bus, for a checkup. (Many thanks to those who contributed for this trip.) The trip turned out to be too exciting. It rained all night the night before. When we left in the morning (late, because they were probably waiting to see if the road was open) we could hear radio reports of flooding and trees down. Sure enough, about 8 am, we came to a place where the road was covered with water that was moving fast. Half the passengers had to get off the bus and half stay on. The passengers that stayed on (Mike and Chris) had to stand at one side to stabilize the bus. Those that got off (Tammy) had to cross the stream by leaping from rock to rock. (While that sounds very spritely and athletic, I had to have help.)
In another place, a landslide had covered the road, but a bulldozer was already clearing it when we got there. Once again half the passengers got off, but this time we all stayed on. The crossing was tricky, as part of the road had washed on down the hill, but God was merciful and we arrived in Cuzco without any further events.
Once here, we tried immediately to buy tickets back to Andahuaylas, but the road was closed!
Chris was planning to go on to Lima to visit Miguel and Becky on his first unaccompanied bus trip, which was causing a little concern for everybody, but we met up with a family of friends from Andahuaylas who were traveling to Lima, and he was able to go with them. (The road from Cuzco to Lima is much better that the one we traveled on from Andahuaylas)
Mike´s checkup went fine. The doctor was more concerned with his injuries from falling on a mango peel about a week ago than his heart, which was fine. The x-rays showed that nothing was broken, and the orthopedist prescribed light activity and much rest for a month. Mike only wishes he could say he was beaten up by two strong men rather than a mango!
Please pray that my (Tammy's) checkup goes as well (it was postponed to Monday) and that we are able to get back to Andahuaylas safely.

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