Quechua Bible Institute starts in Huayrapata

Yesterday the new institute in Huayrapata started with Bible Study Methods class. Mike and Cayo Cardenas both went--both for the opening convocation and because even though the coordinator, Pastor Santos Ñawi, has assured us that all the students can study in Spanish, sometimes they need clarification in Quechua.
They were only able to get within a mile because of the mud, and had to slog the rest of the way. Seventeen of the twenty students arrived for the first day, with the others being delayed by muddy roads and landslides.
They had a good lesson in prayer. Although we always teach that the first step in study is to pray for understanding, Mike let them go ahead and start without reminding them. Several minutes later they were crying, "This is impossible! I don't understand!" Then he reminded them to pray first. Soon they were saying, "Look the answer is down here in this verse! We do understand!"
Please pray that the other three students arrive safely, that Mike and Cayo have safety as they travel back and forth, (It is 45 minutes away so they will not stay every night.), and for learning and dedication on the part of the students.

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