And the resurrection?

In Andahuaylas today, you can’t buy meat, most of the stores are closed.  Many streets are closed as processions go by.  They carry a figure of Jesus and/or Mary as they slowly walk up and down, weeping and mourning.  The Cathedral is full of people, some sobbing.  There is no joy here, no sound of business or of children playing – there is just profound sorrow.  It is Friday – Good Friday (Viernes Santo) and joy is prohibited.
In two days it will be Easter – the Day of Resurrection!  But on that day, every closed store will be open, every restaurant bustling.  The city will be her usual hurry-scurry self.  Street vendors calling out, side streets will be impromptu soccer fields or closed for volleyball.  Children will be running and playing, and even the evangelical churches will be only partially attended.  Resurrection Day is the last day of our fall Holidays and everyone wants to take advantage of it, before the grind of the normal 7 days a week, twelve (or more) hours per day work schedule returns.
The most important day in the history of the world goes by with little or no notice.  Everyone weeps at the crucifixion, but very few worship joyfully, few celebrate the sign that God accepted the sacrifice of Jesus.  Here we mourn the loss of the Lamb of God, but ignore His risen presence.  As you go to church on Easter Sunday and do your family traditions and remember the glorious fact of the resurrection; don’t forget to give thanks that this one special day, shows us that we are accepted in the Beloved.

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