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A Classic Gag

Mike has been having trouble hearing for the past week.  He went to the drugstore and bought ear drops but with no result.  So yesterday he decided to go to the Dr. right before he taught doctrine class at the Central Church.  The doctor said that his ears were blocked and that he needed to take some drops to loosen up the wax.  She insisted that he needed to take some drops before he taught that night.  We bought the drops and went to the church, where Mike stretched out on a pew, to the amusement of some early-arriving young people. I started to administer the drops, and realized that I was not sure how many to put in.  I took a paper out of my pocket and shouted (because of his ears), "Read it to me!"

Mike boomed out, "2 ears of corn, 50 cents worth of peas..." amusing the young people still more.

Blushing, I shouted, "Wrong list!  And in English added "That's about the oldest joke in book..."

Oh well, pray for his ears to get better.  He's going to the Doctor this afternoon.

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New Presentation Introducing Our Ministry and Peru

We designed this presentation for camp ministry, but it's also a good intro to the ministry and Peru for anybody.  It could be used in a missions moment as well, or possibly in Sunday School. You can  get it to play with speaker notes by clicking on the gear and selecting that.  If you want to use this and need any help please email us at .

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