Visiting professor: Dr. Neil Hegeman

Saturday, May 21st Dr. Hegeman was able to come to teach at the seminary. He taught Philosophy of Christian education. The class structure is that we meet on Saturdays for 5 hours and then throughout the week are assignments to do. (A lot of assignments! I am taking this

course because it is one of the ones I lack. And that is why there have been so few posts.) The material that he presented was challenging for the students, but it also made them feel like "Yeah, this is real!"

The first week's assignments were difficult because they defined philosophy and Christian education. It was definitely a stretch! Then there was a week where we had to cancel class for the elections--which gave a little breathing space to finish the required reading.

The exam for the class is June 18th. Please pray for the students as they have to finish their reading and essays by then. For some of them this is the first essay they have ever written. The older students and the ones from the country graduated from schools with very little requirements. (One older lady is mostly self-educated, but she has a great desire to learn!) The ones who have been to universities and the Mobile Bible Institute are more at home with the assignments. Pray for their encouragement, diligence in their studies, and understanding of the material.