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2020 Vision in a Nutshell (12 Things You Need to Know)

1. 2020 Vision is our plan to help start 20 fully Peruvian Bible Colleges in 20 cities in Peru by the year 2020.
2. We will start with 3 years of Bible-teaching seminars in the cities that have invited us.  To do this we are starting a new seminar ministry in Peru. We're calling it "Recursos para Capacitacion Pastoral."  (RCP) 
3. RCP in Spanish is the same as CPR in English. We could have a cool slogan like Reviving the heart of the church. 
4. We will be sharing the teaching duties with other qualified teachers. Some from Peru and some from other countries.
5. We will be cooperating  with other missions and ministries to conduct the seminars.  And the host for each seminar is a local board created by local churches and pastors. They will be handling the logistics of the actual conferences.
6. The first seminar in any location teaches the marvelous Biblia Devocional de Estudios. This is a wonderful tool, with a ton of resources and  a hard , durable cover. 
7. We will be able to offer these Bibles at  extremely reduced prices,  thanks to the Bible League.  We can charge between $5-10  depending upon the economy of the location.
8. The Miami International Study Centers organized into a Peruvian group in May. This formed 6 new Bible colleges. Mike will also be teaching in these colleges. 
9.  Students who have completed 3 years of seminars can work with the local board to form a Bible college. A group of 8 or more students can enter the MINTS organization.  MINTS will provide teachers and classes, while the local group does the administration. 
10. There are invitations to do conferences in far too many places in Peru. We also have opportunities to reach out to some surrounding countries and to Cuba. 
11.  The biggest problems we are facing are how to equip and organize the ministry to meet the demands. 

12.  We are going to start making DVDs, course books and booklets. We will also be experimenting with online courses and seminars. These will reach people who can't attend the seminars or the Bible Colleges.

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