Disastrous flooding and mudslides in Ancash

February brought disaster in the form of torrential rains to the area of Ancash where we have been working. This is the area that we went to in October on what proved to be a difficult trip.
The people of the area are in grave need. This is an extremely isolated area at best and the majority are subsistence farmers. Many have lost their crops - covered in mud or washed away. School starts this month and over 700 students lost their materials. A couple of schools were flooded and sustained damage. Many folks lost their houses. At least one man was found dead in his home after the waters receded.
Our missionary, Jose Marco Dominguez, was there when it happened and couldn't get out because the roads were closed, as you can see from his picture above. He is now distributing food and supplies from the donations we have received.
We are still taking donations to help our brothers in need there.
If you can help, please click here to make an online donation and put Peru Disaster Relief in the Gift Notes section.  That way the funds will be set apart for the emergency there. Thank you for helping!

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