April Prayer and Praise

Praise God!

  • The first seminary class here was taught and cast on Facebook in March
  • Peruvian team members are ready to start participating and writing classes, blog posts, and teaching.
  • We made a trip to Chile to get tourist visas updated. The trip was without problems, and the taxi driver who brought us back across the border had lots of questions about the Bible and prayed to accept Christ when we got to the bus station.
Prayer requests:
  • Jose Marco, the Ancash coordinator, had a motorcycle accident on one of the treacherous roads and injured his ankle and his bike.  We're thankful that it wasn't worse! Please pray for his recovery.
  • We still need to make the downloadable class recordings, so this month we have the double focus of the live seminary and preparing the material for the online versions. Please pray for wisdom and help.
  • Pray for Christian, the taxi driver who accepted Christ.  Pray that he finds a good church.  He has a great attitude and is not afraid to ask questions.
  • Pray for our residency paperwork.  We were using a tourist visa because we were going back and forth between the US and Peru, but found that the law had changed so that this would only allow us 6 mos. maximum in Peru.  
  • Pray for wisdom and guidance on legal issues, immigration, taxes, insurance, etc.  All of these things are just much more complicated when you are dealing with two countries.
Thanks for your prayers!  

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