Saturday & Sunday in Andahuaylas

Because we had a very slow internet and a very busy time in Andahuaylas last week, we are going to use this week to catch up. Saturday we checked out the facility of Munay Wasi, where we will be living. It is absolutely beautiful - soon Tammy will have some photos up - and went to town to pick up some stuff - breakfast foods, coffee (gotta have that!), etc. and I took Tammy and Chris all over town - The central market, various parks, bakeries, - sort of the 10 cent tour. We also visited with some friends and kind of lazed around after the 30 hour trip.

Sunday was a different story - I was invited to preach at a 9:30 service, after that I was invited to preach at an 11:00 service, both times to Quechua speakers through a translator. I preached in Spanish and was translated - I had forgotten how strange it is to work through a translator ;)! Had packed churches for both.

Then we went to lunch at a lunch place a few doors down from where we will be attending church and had a nice Sunday dinner - cost 2 Soles (about $.60 each)! After lunch I took Tammy and Chris to the big Feria Dominical or Sunday market fair. It is one of the biggest in the Andes and we were worn out before we saw half of what there was to see. It was also a a hot and sunny day, we all got a little burnt. We went back to Munay Wasi for a while and then went back to town to attend evening service in Spanish - I didn't have to preach! It was a very fun and tiring day and we came back home to Munay Wasi about 10:30 exhausted but content.

God bless,

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