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On the Road

Fiesta Espíritual in Huancaray (October)

Strike Losing Favor: Pray for an End

Strike (again)

Marriage retreat

Pictures--August Team in Los Angeles

BB team in LA (Peruvian style) (August)

Sudden change of plans for Becky and Miguel (July)

Mobilizing the small church

Prayer request--spine with a twist

Gorgeous photo celebration of Machu Picchu 100 year festival (PHOTOS) - International Business Times


At the clinica

Stuck on the road

REALLY off to Cusco

Off to Cuzco


Praying Hands for missions (for personal prayer or for teaching prayer for missions

Missions Conference in Uripa

Visiting professor: Dr. Neil Hegeman

To Chile and Back

Still learning about Peru

Video tour of the QBI campus at Huayrapata

From the seminary and the rural institute